Finland -Government puts pressure on unions -May 30, 2015

Cuts announced by the Government: end to alternation leave, cutting index linked increase in pensions to half and cuts in child benefits, unemployment benefits, study grants and stopping adult education allowance.

The idea for a labour market social contract is back. Earlier in May the new prime minister presented his ideas to the labour market organisations on extending Finnish working hours and other changes to the terms of employment. Now the government has made a new proposal. If the labour market organisations do not accept the list of measures proposed by the government, extra budgetary cuts will be imposed, along with further tax levies, totalling 1.4 billion euro altogether. The conditional cuts announced by the Government include among other things an end to alternation leave, cutting the index linked increase in work related pensions to half and stopping the adult education allowance for vocational studies. Also on the list are cuts in child benefits, unemployment benefits and study grants.

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