Austria -2013 statistics, decline of vacancies -February 13, 2014

Statistics Austria published a brochure (in German) that gives an insight into the population’s living conditions. Findings and statistics from economy and society are presented in text, table, and chart form. The data provide information on a wide variety of subjects: population, education, employment and the job market, the economy, science and technology, tourism, environment, and other topics. According to the country’s Job Vacancy Survey, enterprises reported an annual average of 65,000 job vacancies in 2013, by 6.5% less than in the previous year (2012: 69 500). 40% of these vacancies were in unskilled jobs, mainly in the retail and services sectors. The presumed monthly pay was in 55% of all vacancies less than 1.700 euro and in 28% of the vacancies between 1.700 and 2.400 euro.

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