Slovakia -New labour code reverses decisions of previous government -March 25, 2013

The newly elected left-wing government has passed a labour code that largely reverses all decisions made by the previous government to increase flexibility in the labour market. Prime minister Fico has explained the new labour code restores the balance between workers and employers. The amendments to the labour code give employees who have worked for an employer for less than two years the right to severance pay and increase the pay for other workers, up to 4 months salaries for employees who have worked for an employer for more than 20 years. The law closes loopholes that were used to push people into false self-employment, limits the number of fixed term contracts that can be chained to two within a two-year period and is stricter on equal pay and working conditions. Trade unions have welcomed the new labour code; employers have condemned it, warning that unemployment will increase further due to the new bill.

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