Denmark -Working conditions of pea pickers challenged -July 25, 2013

According to trade union 3F the country’s largest pea producer, Peter Skov, is underpaying its employees, taking their passports and trapping them in employment. Two Portuguese pea pickers complained that Peter Skov did not ensure a promised minimum 30-hour working week to ensure that the pea pickers earned a decent minimum wage. The pay slips showed that they earned around 140 kroner (€18.8) per day over 19 days in June and July picking peas in Refsvindinge in southern Funen. After accommodation and transport costs were deducted, the two were left with about 70 kroner (€9.4) per day. 3F intends to bring the case to the agricultural employer’s association, GLS-A, which has a collective bargaining agreement in place with 3F.



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