Austria -Collective agreement for the whole metal sector concluded -November 1, 2012

At first sight it looked as if there would be a split outcome during the autumn negotiations for the metal sector (see the July/August Newsletter), but after 7 weeks of hard separate negotiations with 6 different branch organisations on the employer side the trade unions PRO-GE and GPA-djp reached a uniform agreement on 30 October for the whole metal industry (180,000 workers). The decision to split up in separate branch negotiations, instead of the use of the usual voluntary negotiation body for all branches, made this year’s negotiations complicated and the unions see it as a burdensome and inefficient exercise. The collective agreement is valid from 1 October 2012 with a duration of 12 months. Minimum pay increases with 3.4% (to a level of €1,636.35). The remuneration of apprentices has also increased by 3.4%.  


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