Romania - New collective agreement for metro workers - March 25, 2010

Metro workers in Bucharest have won a new collective agreement ending a five-month-long dispute. The workers represented by the Uniunea Sindicatelor Libere Metrou (USLM) union suspended strike action planned for 18 March after managers of the state-owned company Metrorex and the union signed a new collective agreement. The settlement includes a reasonable wage increase, a commitment to retain all jobs, the harmonisation of benefits for certain categories of employees and a pledge to improve working conditions. The existing agreement had expired on 1 November 2009; negotiations on new agreements normally take place 30 days before expiry. USLM organised a protest on 29 October calling on government to approve Metrorex’s budget for 2009-10; its failure to do so blocked negotiations. It also took a number of other steps to resolve the matter, including a picket in front of the Romanian government headquarters as well as strikes on 12 and 17 November, which the government suppressed through legal action.



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