Italy - Fiat plan sparks discussion on future of labour relations - August 2, 2010

In what could revolutionise the country’s labour relations, auto manufacturer Fiat has announced plans to create a new global megagroup with U.S. automaker Chrysler, adding that it will no longer be part of Confindustria, the employers' association. The announcement came after Fiat’s CEO Sergio Marchionne disclosed his plans to leave Confindustria, just days after the firm promised to keep its plans on hold for two months. Marchionne also suggested the scrapping of the national steelworkers' collective agreement. “Fiat should not stop being a member of Confindustria and it should not seek roads outside (standard) labour relations,” Labour Minister Maurizio Sacconi reacted. FIOM, the metal federation affiliated with CGIL, described the Fiat plan as the most serious attack on workers' rights in the past six decades. Other unions reacted in more moderate terms but condemned Fiat’s plans as well.

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