Global union UNI celebrates first decade - January 26, 2010

Ten years ago the first global union UNI was established for the services sector an in answer to the globalization of national economies. Now it is representing 900 trade unions, organizing 20 million members. Target is to close global agreements for its members in all countries. 

An example is the now nine-year old agreement with the international telecom company Telefonica, that was renewed last week during a meeting in Bogota, Colombia. Telefonica is mainly active in Europe and Latin America.The global agreement is one of 34 closed with multinational companies. 

From its website:

UNI has created “Breaking Through” to lay out its top priorities: supporting organising, justice for workers and human and trade union rights to bring a social dimension to regional integration and to ensure that all of its work leads to concrete results for its 20 million members. These are its challenges for its tenth year and beyond.

In most global agreements, no wages are negotiated. 

Later this week, the WageIndicator will provide an overview of salaries earned by telecommunication engineers worldwide, including Germany, Finland, Brazil and Argentina. 

Earlier we made salary comparisons for airport security guards, lawyers and nurses.


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