Global alliance to fight casual work at Coca-Cola - 17 Feb 2010

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Over fifty unions representing members in Coca-Cola worldwide, are working on a global alliance. 

Major agenda point: fighting rampant casual work at the US company. A committee gathered in the first week of February at the IUF headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The Coca-Cola working Alliance was set up in 2008 to improve the bargaining power of employees. A seven-week strike against casual work in a Coca-Cola bottler in South-Africa only ended on February 9. 

Apart from South-Africa, the Coca-Cola unions are also encountering problems in Germany, the IUF website reports. At a bottler in Germany, CCEAG, negotiations with the works council on guarantees for temporary workers met an "uncompromising position" from the company, reported its chairman Johan Botella. 


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Trade unions try more than in the past to close global alliances, following the internationalization of larger company. Examples are the global union UNI at Telefonica, and the US workers of T-Mobile who asked their German colleagues to represent them.

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