Germany - Collective agreements pay off for German MBA’s - March 29, 2010

“Diplomkaufleute” (a German business administration degree, similar to MBA) covered by collective agreements earn on average Euro 4,434 monthly, that is Euro 410 more than their colleagues in companies without such agreements. This is a striking result of a recent on-line survey through the continuous WageIndicator web survey (in Germany called Lohnspiegel), in which about 3,000 German MBA’s participated. While their monthly average salary stands at Euro 4,210, average earnings across industries are highest in banking (Euro 4,713). Other striking results in the Lohnspiegel survey are that experience also pays off (with salaries of those with over 20 years experience averaging Euro 5,283, as against Euro 3,254 for starters), and that female MBA’s with an average Euro 3,705 earn 18% less than their male colleagues (Euro 4,506). At the very start of their career, female MBA’s experience a gender pay gap of 14%.



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