Denmark - Collective agreement provisions against social dumping - September 17, 2010

After the successful renewal of collective agreements in April, Harald Børsting, president of the LO union confederation, commented “I am extremely pleased to say that we have also addressed the issue of social dumping in the collective agreements with a view to combating wage dumping at the expense of Danish workers.” According to a mediation proposal resulting from collective bargaining, employers’ associations Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), Danish Construction Association (DB) and LO have agreed to work to act against social dumping, in particular in transport and construction. Furthermore, the associations have agreed to encourage their member companies to refrain from using foreign contractors that fail to observe Danish collective agreements. The central organisations have also agreed on ensuring speedy industrial disputes procedure in cases that involve social dumping. However, in construction the social partners were not able to reach agreement on chain (“third party”) liability, the unions maintaining the demand for such liability. In September, the need to defend jobs against the growing threat of social dumping was confirmed by the congress of the Fagligt Fælles Forbund (3F) union (See also this Collective Bargaining Newsletter Year 3 February and July-August 2010).

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