Belgium - Repeated dismissal threat at InBev - September 14, 2010

On 5 January 2010, AB InBev, a Belgian-Brazilian multinational brewing group, announced a large restructuring plan that included cutting 304 jobs at its Belgian sites, within the context of a global plan with 800 job losses in western Europe. The national legal framework on information and social dialogue (the “Renault procedure”) started immediately after the announcement. The InBev management justified its decision by the fall in alcoholic consumption in Belgium. Nevertheless, unions and workers rejected this explanation since the group seemed to have escaped the economic crisis given large profits achieved in 2009. After a number of strikes and lengthy negotiations, the restructuring plan was suspended and a new period of information and consultation decided, after which new negotiations would take place. Yet, these negotiations actually seem to be near a deadlock. The InBev management continues to emphasize the need for cost reductions as well as for higher investments in marketing and innovation. The unions involved said to continue their opposition against dismissals, adding that the workload at InBev Belgium is already quite high.


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