Austria - Short-time work still relevant - September 22, 2010

The number of workers covered by the official “Kurzarbeitsbeihilfe” or “Kurzarbeit” (short-time support) has diminished drastically in the course of 2010. Whereas the number of subsidized short-time workers in Austria was on top with 56,700 in May 2009, their numbers decreased to 26,400 in February 2010 and 8,300 in July 2010. Yet, for some companies the arrangement remains highly relevant, like for Liebherr in Lienz. The refrigerator producer has asked the Employment Service (AMS) to permit adoption of short-time till mid-April 2011. Currently, the firm has 1,300 employed in Lienz. From July 2009 to January 2010, 80% of those employed with Liebherr Lienz already worked short-time.

English: J. Flecker, A. Schönauer (2010) Work sharing as a crisis measure in selected European countries: Austria, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Vienna: FORBA



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