How much does a truck driver earn? - May 27, 2009

Labor has become very fast part of the international ball game of a globalization economy. At the WageIndicator national teams keep track of salaries in 45 countries worldwide. The international team is now going to compare some of these salaries in an effort to increase transparency at this international labor market. We kick off by comparing the salaries of truck drivers in nine countries on three continents. (All figures have been converted into euros).

First meet Miguel, our Spanish truck driver from Madrid. He had little experience when he joined his current company five years ago, apart from his drivers' licence. He is on a temporary contract in this logistical company with 50 colleagues, so relatively small compared to some of the big players. He earns per hour 6.42 euro including all benefits. That gives him a gross monthly salary of 1,113 euro.

Miguel is in the middle range of salaries for truck drivers with the same profile we have investigated. Best paid are the Belgians, who earn 19.30 euro per hour and 3,176 euro gross per month. Good news is that here there is no difference between the Flemish or Wallonion drivers. Dutch and British drivers are slightly cheaper, with hourly wages of 14.20 and 13.62 euro, and a monthly income of 2,336 and 2,360 euro.

Truck drivers from Germany (both East and West) go way under that income, with 10,06 euro per hour and 1,640 euro per month, followed by Miguel from Madrid. But they still cannot beat the Czech drivers with 3,20 per hour and 555,50 euro per month. The salary level of the Czech drivers seems a good indication of the wage level in Eastern-Europe. They are not as cheap as the truck drivers from Brazil, who earn 1,87 euro per hour or 250 euro gross per month. But for truck drivers competition depends on the distance trucks can cover, and Europe is still a bit too far away for the Brazilian truck drivers.

Those salaries explains perhaps why when you stop at a petrol station in Western Europe to ask a truck driver for some tape, German, Dutch, French or English do not help you anymore. One of the East-European languages or even Russian might be more helpful.

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Please note that these figures were collected in May 2009 to a very specific profile of one truck driver. For your own salary, please visit the WageIndicator of your country.

In upcoming WageIndicator international salary comparisons: journalists and lawyers.

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