Borbély, S. (2016). Spain: Gender Pay Gap (GPG)

Borbély, S. (2016). Spain: Gender Pay Gap (GPG) - Spain - February 2016 - EN

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In the last years – starting from 2011 - the unadjusted gender pay gap in Spain used to be above the EU average. In 2013 it was already among the highest values with its 19,3%. The GPG in Spain deteriorated particularly strongly in the years of the economic crisis; from 2008 to 2012 the Spanish GPG increased by 3,2 percentage points. In the EU there were only two countries (Portugal and Italy) preceding Spain in this. (But we have to note that their GPG used to be originally much lower than the Spanish.) Following 2012 we see a minor improvement in 2013 and stagnation in 2014. According to the latest available figure (Eurostat) the Spanish unadjusted GPG in 2014 was 18,8%.