55 Interns from Flame University in India and their productions

55 Interns work together on different part of the WageIndicator websites and databases. The interns belong to the different WageIndicator teams, check this page.

The interns work in the News Group, Data Viz Group, Minimum Wage and Labour Law group, Data Aanalyses Group and Management group. Check the work below. The Intern Management Group manages the Intern Groups and checks on regular basis traffic, data intake and income from websites. Soon we will publish more on that activity.

Activities Minimum Wage and Labour Law Interns Group

Update Labour Law India - Paycheck.in

Preparations of updates for the following countries :

Sri Lanka
South Korea

List of English and French language websites with headlines from Flame News Group Interns

Period September 2019 - till April 2020

WageIndicator website in English language. Interns publish on weekly basis new headlines.

WageIndicator website in French language. Interns publish on monthly basis new headlines.
Canada - Mywage.ca Burundi - Votresalaire.bi
New Zealand - Mywage.co.nz France - Votresalaire.fr
South Africa - Mywage.co.za Benin - Votresalaire.org/Benin
Namibia - Mywage.org/Namibia Burkina Faso - Votresalaire.org/BurkinaFaso
Australia - Mywage.org/Australia Canada - fr.mywage.ca
Bahamas - Mywage.org/Bahamas Cameroun - Votresalaire.org/Cameroun
Botswana - Mywage.org/Botswana Central African Republic - Votresalaire.org/Centrafricaine
Ethiopia - Mywage.org/Ethiopia Congo - Votresalaire.org/Congo
Fiji - Mywage.org/Fiji Ivory Coast - Votresalaire.org/Cotedivoire
Gambia - Mywage.org/Gambia Gabon - Votresalaire.org/Gabon
Ghana - Mywage.org/Ghana Guinea - Votresalaire.org/Guinee
Ireland - Mywage.org/Ireland Haiti - Votresalaire.org/Haiti
Jamaica - Mywage.org/Jamaica La Reunion - Votresalaire.org/LaReunion
Kenya - Mywage.org/Kenya Madagascar - Votresalaire.org/Madagascar
Lesotho - Mywage.org/Lesotho Mali - Votresalaire.org/Mali
Liberia - Mywage.org/Liberia Niger - Votresalaire.org/Niger
Malawi - Mywage.org/Malawi New Caledonia - Votresalaire.org/NouvelleCaledonie
Malta - Mywage.org/Malta Senegal - Votresalaire.org/Senegal
Mauritius - Mywage.org/Mauritius Chad - Votresalaire.org/Tchad
Nigeria - Mywage.ng Togo - Votresalaire.org/Togo
Philippines - Mywage.org/Philippines  
Papua New Guinea - Mywage.org/PNG  
Rwanda - Mywage.org/Rwanda  
Sierra Leone - Mywage.org/SierraLeone  
South Sudan - Mywage.org/SouthSudan  
Tanzania - Mywage.org/Tanzania  
Trinidad and Tobago - Mywage.org/TrinidadandTobago  
Zambia - Mywage.org/Zambia  
Zimbabwe - Mywage.org/Zimbabwe  
Uganda - Mywage.org/Uganda  
India - Paycheck.in  
Pakistan - Paycheck.pk  
United States - Paywizard.org  
Sri Lanka - Salary.lk  

Teams and partners