WageIndicator opens Corona - Work & Life Surveys in 110 Countries

WageIndicator is surveying/ interviewing people around the world to discover what makes the Coronavirus lockdown easier (or tougher), and what is the COVID-19 effect on our jobs, lives and mood. The results are shown in maps and graphs for 110 countries/ over 40 languages, updated on a daily basis. The Corona-survey addresses not only changing working conditions and circumstances, it also covers aspects such as the development of the corona-disease given manifest symptoms in individual cases, living and working space at home, family composition, and the impact pets may have on our moods in times of confinement. Project Page. Bring me to the Corona Survey of my country. Please share!

Our impact in numbers over 2019


  • Mobile Judge wins Innovative Justice Award  NR 1
  • Wages in Context wins Innovative Justice Award  NR 3

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57 FLAME University Interns and their Work

Flame University students started in August 2019 as interns of WageIndicator Foundation. Links to their work:

Flame students work on 34 English and 20 French language websites. And post at least every month small news headings on these sites. This helps to increase traffic to the websites and more data intake related to salary and cost of living.

More on the work of the WageIndicator Flame Interns? Check this page.