Minimum Wage – Burundi

  • Valid on february 2020
  • The amounts are in Burundi Franc.


Per Day
Rural areas
Minimum wage with effect from Apr 30, 1988
Bujumbura, Gitega
Minimum wage with effect from Apr 30, 1988

Working hours

  • Days per week specified: 6.0
  • Hours per week specified: 45
  • Workers are entitled to 1 day of rest per week (24 consecutive hours). The weekly rest day is principally Sunday. (Article 114 of the Labour Code)


In accordance with article 112 of the Labour Code, the normal hours of work are 8 hours a day and 40 hours a week.

The fixing of the interprofessional minimum wage guaranteed in the structural sector of the national economy is determined by the Ministerial Order n. 650/11/88, from 30 April 1988. This is the application text of the Labour Code.(B.O.B., 1988, no. 9, p. 187)

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