Work and Wages

Work and Wages

Minimum wage                                                                                                       

The minimum wage must cover the living expenses of the employee and his/her family members. Moreover it must relate reasonably to the general level of wages earned and the living standard of other social groups.                                                                            


Regular pay

Wages must be paid regularly at the intervals (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) agreed mutually or set in the law.                                                                                                   


Overtime compensation

Working overtime is to be avoided. Whenever it is unavoidable, extra compensation is at stake - minimally the basic hourly wage plus all additional benefits you are entitled to. In accordance with ILO Convention 1, overtime pay rate should not be less than one and a quarter times (125%) the regular rate.      


ILO Conventions on work and wages:

  • Minimum wage: Convention 131 (1970)
  • Regular pay & wage protection: Conventions 95 (1949) and 117(1962)
  • Compensation overtime: Convention 01 (1919)

Go for national regulations per country to the Decent Work Check.