Trade Union Rights

Trade Union Rights

Trade union at work and Collective Bargaining

Trade unions are entitled to negotiate with employers on term of employment without hindrance. The freedom of a trade union to negotiate with employers to try and conclude collective agreements is protected. (The ILO has a special procedure for handling complaints from unions about violation of this principle).                                  


Freedom to join and form a union

Freedom of association means freedom to join a trade union. This is part of the fundamental human rights. Employees may not be put at a disadvantage when they are active in the trade union outside working hours.


Right to strike

Workers have the right to strike in order to defend their social and economic interests. The right to strike is incidental and corollary to the right to organize and unionise provided in ILO convention 87.   


ILO Conventions on trade union rights:

  • Freedom of association and protection of the right to organize: Convention 87 (1948),                  
  • Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining:  Convention 98 (1949).    

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