Family Responsibilities

Family Responsibilities

Paternity Leave

This is for the new fathers around the time of child birth and is usually of shorter duration.

Parental Leave

The accompanying recommendation (No. 165) to ILO Convention on Family Responsibilities provides for parental leave as an option available to either parent to take long leave of absence (paid or unpaid) without resigning from work. Parental leave is usually taken once the maternity and paternity leave have been exhausted. For working parents, laws may define the portion of parental leave that has to be compulsorily taken by fathers or mothers.      

Work-Life Balance

Recommendation 165 asks for looking into measures for improving general working conditions through flexible work arrangements.      


ILO Conventions on family responsibilities:   

  • Convention 156: Workers with Family Responsibilities Convention (1981)
  • Recommendation 165: Workers with Family Responsibilities (1981)             

Go for national regulations per country to the Decent Work Check.   

See also regulations on Maternity and Work, conventions on maternity leave, job security and nursing breaks.