Belgium - Bridgestone strike ended - August 24, 2009

After nine weeks, the strike of workers at the Bridgestone aircraft tyre plant in Frameries has ended. After conciliatory negotiations at national level failed, a draft agreement at the local level was finally agreed. On 7 August workers ratified the agreement by 57%.

The agreement accepts the closure of the plant, but with a number of conditions, including payment of compensation to workers in lieu of plant-closing notice plus compensation based on seniority. Also, placement of each worker into another job in a different company near the worker's home was a condition. A bonus pay-out with an advance of Euro 500 was agreed too. Bridgestone has lifted all sanctions or punishment related to the strike.

The Centrale Générale-FGTB is proud of its victory, standing up to a huge multinational. The achievements were not the goals that the union had set out for, but they are notable.

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