France - Teachers strike to protest cutting of jobs - November 30, 2018

Teachers across France took part in industrial action to protest the 2019 education budget of the government and more funding for education. Part of the new budget that the teachers are opposing, is the cutting of 2650 positions in public middle schools and high schools, another 550 positions in the private sector, and 400 administrative positions. It was the first time since 2011 that the main education trade unions have put out a united call for a national education strike. In a joint statement, unions stress that the government is planning to cut a total of 4500 positions in the civil service; 40% of those cuts being made in education. Unions not only see the proposed cuts as a lack of recognition for the work educators put in but besides that, job cuts in secondary education are also not logical considering the demographic growth expected in middle and high schools.

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