Slovakia -Mayor, councillors Bratislava borough Vrakuna issue strike threat -May 14, 2015

Mayor and councillors issue strike threat as clean-up awaits the waste dump of the former Juraj Dimitrov Chemical Plant (CHZJD) on the town outskirts.

The mayor and councillors of Bratislava borough Vrakuna have threatened to go on strike unless the ecological hazards are addressed. On the outskirts of the town lies the waste dump of the former Juraj Dimitrov Chemical Plant (CHZJD), which has been suspected to pose significant health and environmental risks. A report on the waste dump is expected to be released soon. The report will outline the extent of the danger as well as those responsible for cleaning it up. The borough’s mayor and councillors have now said they will expect immediate action and are prepared to go on strike if the government delays the process.

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