Luxembourg -Labour and social cohesion; risk of poverty remains high -October 16, 2015

In the 2015 Labour and Social Cohesion Report, released by the statistical office STATEC, some positive results are revealed, but also a set of alarming figures. With an unemployment rate of 5.9% Luxembourg, compared to the European average of 10.4 %, is still doing well and comes in fourth after Germany, Austria and Malta. Most affected are people with little education. Since 2000, salaries have risen by about 46%, more than in any other EU country. However, purchasing power has not matched this rate and only increased by 8% since 2000. Since the crisis, it increased slightly for the first time in 2013, +1.9%, and +1.2% in 2014. Moreover, one in five citizens (19%), according to Europe-wide calculations, lives in threat of poverty and threatened with social exclusion. In 2003, this rate was still at 15.8%. Chapter 3 of the reports provides detailed figures on wage developments, purchasing power and the effect of the economic crisis on earnings.



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