Netherlands -Cleaners actions continue -January 30, 2012

Backed by the FNV Bondgenoten union, thousands of cleaners continue their strike combined with actions in various Dutch cities. According to their spokespersons, employers and principals have yet not adequately responded on the issues that keep parties from reaching an agreement for 150,000 employed such as sick pay, enough time to do the job properly, and more respect and appreciation on the job. On 13 January, 2,500 cleaners took part in a “March for Respect” in The Hague. A temporary suspension of the actions and a lowering of pay demand from 5 to 2.5% did not result in any change in the position of the OSB employers' association. In reaction the cleaners and their union have decided to new actions, including marches in Utrecht and Groningen. Meanwhile, and though the OSB says this does not contribute to a solution of the conflict, some principals have announced to lower work pressure for cleaners, notably Dutch Railways (NS), the Rotterdam Polytechnic and the Rotterdam municipality (See also this Collective Bargaining Newsletter Year 4 December 2011).

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Dutch: De Volkskrant, 23 and 26 January 2011;


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