Italy - Bargaining round for public sector managers - February 26, 2010

Public service union CISL FP is targeting the final bargaining round for the four separate agreements concerning the public service managers. The first agreement to come fully into force -and whose provisions usually serve as a model for the other three- is that concerning ministry officers. The final agreement covering 2007-2010 was signed mid-February and has been approved by the authority controlling state budget, which allows it to become effective for 3,700 ministry officers. Pay increases are 4.85% for 2006-2007 and 3.2% for! 2008-20 09. On 22 February, the agreement for 2006-2007 for regional and local administrations has finally been signed. It will be effective for more than 10,000 chief officers and managers for whom the average pay increase will be Euro 281,20 per month. CISL FP is now pushing to speed up negotiations for 2008-2009.

English and Italian: report CISL FP International Office (Mirko Checcacci)

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