Denmark - New agreement in manufacturing sector - February 22, 2010

A new collective agreement has been agreed for the manufacturing sector between the Central Organization of Industrial Employees in Denmark (CO-industri) and the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI), directly covering about 240,000 workers and indirectly affecting another 350,000 workers. The agreement may pave the way for others. Wage negotiations will take place via decentralised negotiations in the period of validity of the agreement. Main points in the agreement are: as of 1 March 2011 pension contributions will be paid already after two months of employment, down from the previous nine months; the employer can no longer demand that an employee takes remaining special vacation days in his period of notice if the termination of the contract is instigated by the employer; salaries for apprentices will be increased by 2% as of 1 March 2010 and by 2.! 5% as of 1 March 2011; as of 1 March 2011 the period of paid parental leave is extended by one week for both the mother and the father; as of 1 May 2010 severance pay is introduced as an automatic right in case of dismissal.

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