Name of the project COLBAR
Project title EUROPE-wide analyses of COLlective BARgaining agreements
Funded by European Commission - Social Dialogue Program - Improving expertise in the field of industrial relations - VP/2018/004/0008
Duration 1/4/2019 - 31/3/2021
Aim of the project The overall objective of COLBAR-EUROPE is to improve knowledge about industrial relations and social dialogue, specifically about the content of Collective Agreements in Europe. lt aims to undertake research activities to enhance the collection of comparative information on collective bargaining outcomes in EU Member States and Candidate Countries and at European level. Collective bargaining is key for wage setting and working conditions, but very little is known about what exactly is agreed. Few countries code agreements, but most countries are lacking such overviews, and databases for cross-country comparisons are absent. Since 2014 however associate partner Wagelndicator maintains a database with full text, annotated, and coded Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs), using a standard coding scheme. ln BARCOM (VS/2016/0106), the Action's predecessor, 120 agreements from the commerce sector from 23 countries were successfully analysed. Social partners expressed their interest in getting for the first time ever insights into the content of Collective Agreements. COLBAR-EUROPE aims to deepen these insights by adding more than 500 agreements plus 25 Transnational Agreements to the CBA Database, now covering commerce, manufacturing, construction and public sectors for EU28 plus 5 candidate countries. Using the coded data of the agreements, the Action's reports will focus on comparisons across industries, on public versus private sector agreements, on wage setting, on trade-offs in the wider bargaining agenda, on possible convergence of agreements concluded by various daughters of the same multinational company or that are related to Transnational Agreements. The Action will also prepare reports about agreements in the Visegrad countries, ltaly, the Netherlands, and Spain. The reports will be presented at the Main Event in Amsterdam, for which bargaining negotiators from the 33 countries, social partners and other stakeholders will be invited.
Countries EU28 + 5 Associate countries - (Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey)
Lead partner University of Amsterdam/AIAS
Key actors Central European Labour Studies Institute (CELSI), Bratislava
  National Council for Economics and Labour (C.N.E.L.), Rome
Associate partners ETUI, Brussels
  UNI Europa, Brussels
  WageIndicator Foundation, Amsterdam
  Solidarność, Katowice; Solidarność, Gdansk
  CCOO Servicios, Madrid

#1: First 25 agreements coded for COLBAR project (07/23/2019)

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Kick Off Meeting Amsterdam April 29/30 2019

Research Objectives - Kea Tijdens & Wike Been

Collective Agreement database - Daniela Ceccon

Collective Agreements Italy - Prof. Claudio Lucifora

Collective Agreements Spain - Carles Catala

Collective Agreements Poland - Slawomir Adamczyk

Collective Agreements the Netherlands - Wike Been