Satisfaction Indicators, earnings and work

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Borbély, S. (2011) Satisfaction Indicators:  earnings and work. According to the Hungarian BerBarométer/WageIndicator database. Budapest, Hungary: Marmol Research Budapest (EN)


SZGTI (Trade Union Institute of Economic and Social Research, Hungary) within its BérBarométer project (EQUAL H005) based on the WageIndicator system gathers since 2006 the on-line data on labour market, employment ( The on-line questionnaire – among a lot of other topics - asks about satisfaction with wage and job. People filling the questionnaire could evaluate their happiness with wage and job voting to “Very satisfied”, “Satisfied”, “Averagely satisfied”, “Dissatisfied” and “Very dissatisfied”. Both in 2006 and 2010 500-500 persons answered this question. Now we examine how the answers differ according to gender and to rear or not a child.