Highlights of WageIndicator Living and Working in Coronavirus Times Survey: Working parents feel more depressed because of corona than childless workers - May 18, 2020

Working parents feel more depressed because of corona than childless workers

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Working parents tend to feel more depressed because of the corona epidemic in their country, than those workers who do not have children. This tendency is unmistakable in a set of countries scattered across the globe.

Respondents who are working parents from Kenya in East Africa and Benin in West Africa, from Pakistan, India and Indonesia in Asia, Belgium and Germany in Europe as well as Honduras in Central America report more stress than their childless co-workers. Moreover, the larger the number of children in the family, the more outspoken this tendency to feel more depressed becomes. This is the case in all the countries mentioned.

Do dogs matter? They may do. In many households dogs are reported. However on the basis of the data we cannot see whether dog owners are more or less depressed.

Results from May 18, 2020. The survey has now 11,000 observations from 67 countries.

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What will the new work/life ‘normal’ situation look like?

The WageIndicator Living and Working in Coronavirus Times shows the impact people from across the globe expect the corona crisis will have on their working life. Specific issues like countries, continents, occupations, happiness, fear, small houses or having a dog are highlighted on these pages.

Its global outreach allows WageIndicator to present findings for many countries. Daily updated national survey results may be consulted here: https://wageindicator.org/salary/living-and-working-in-times-of-the-coronavirus/work-life-in-corona-times-graphs

Moreover WageIndicator tracks which are the national (legal) emergency measures:

It is the intention to continue the survey for a long time, well into the aftermath of the present crisis. What will the new work/life ‘normal’ situation look like?

More about the project https://wageindicator.org/Wageindicatorfoundation/projects/living-and-working-in-coronavirus-times

Report in PDF File

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