'Working mothers around the world' are worse off - March 25, 2019

Becoming a mother has negative consequences for your salary. Especially women with a low social position experience these effects. These conclusions can be found in the dissertation by Janna Besamusca, associated with the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and WageIndicator Foundation.

By conducting comparative research, Besamusca studied the labour market participation of women with children. She looked into the renumeration and the effects of motherhood on self-employed women versus women with an employment contract. Besamusca also studied the actual participation of working women with and without children. To conduct this study, a large number of countries were classified according to different income groups, after which they were compared.

Data from WageIndicator Foundation contributed to the study of Besamusca. During the work on her dissertation, Besamusca participated in several WageIndicator projects.

Besamusca defends her dissertation "Working mothers around the world: Moderating effects of social position on mothers' paid work in middle- and high-income countries" during a public session at the Agnietenkapel in Amsterdam, on March 26 , 2019, starting at 10 AM.

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