WageIndicators Latin America enter deal with MSN - July 20, 2009

Three Spanish-language sites of the WageIndicator have entered into a deal with leading internet portal MSN. MSN will host links to the WageIndicator sites in Columbia, Chile and Argentina.

For the WageIndicator sites the deal means access to a formidable group of internet users, that are mostly hard to get to through other scientific methods. For MSN it means an attractive tool that allows people to check their salary, making the portal more 'sticky'.

'For us, MSN is a very good party to work with,' says director Paulien Osse of the WageIndicator Foundation. "They give us access to people that are otherwise very hard to get by."

On all three portals, MSN offers 'salary' buttons, giving direct access to the website of the national WageIndicator teams in Argentina, Chile and Columbia. The links are only in place for a few days, so the first figures are only preliminary, but the number of visitors in Columbia and Chile went up with hundreds, in Argentina even with a few thousand per day.

As those relationships mature, MSN can create even more traffic. In the Netherlands traffic from MSN averages around 10,000 visitors per day, while the site last week got a spike to 50,000 visitors as the editorial team of MSN made a link to the salary information of the Harry Potter team.

MSN Argentina (see Salarios Nuevo tab)
MSN Chile (see Salarios Nuevo tab)
MSN Colombia (see Salarios Nuevo tab)

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