Minimum Wage in Slovakia – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a separate legislation relating to minimum wages in Slovakia?

The minimum wage in Slovakia is regulated by the Labour Code No. 311/2001, Minimum Wage Act No. 663/2007 and Regulation No. 321/2013 establishing the minimum wage for 2014.

Do one or more minimum wages exist that is/are determined by law?

The legislation determines one statutory level of the minimum wage, which is multiplied by coefficients depending on the difficulty of position. The scale of job difficulty ranges from level 1 (that equals to basic minimum wage) to level 6 (double the minimum wage).

At what level are minimum wages determined at?

The statutory level of minimum wage is set on national level. Slovak legislation establishes six tariff rates for minimum wage. Depending on the characteristics and difficulty of the job tasks, the minimum wage is proportionately raised. The classification of jobs is described in the attachment of the Labour Code.

On what basis is minimum wage calculated?

Minimum Wage is calculated on hourly and monthly basis.

In case of weekly/monthly minimum age, are they based on any fixed number of hours?

Employees are entitled to monthly minimum wage if their agreed working time is 40 hours per week.

Are governmental bodies, employer and/or trade union representatives involved in minimum wages setting?

Representatives from various ministries, e.g. Ministry of Labour, Social and Family Affairs; Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance etc, Representatives from the National Union of Employers and Federation of Employers' Associations, Representatives from the Confederation of Trade Unions and Representatives from the Association of Towns and Villages.

How are upratings (adjustments) of minimum wage/s decided upon?

In early 1990s setting the minimum wage was a key issue in tripartite concentration. Due to the frequent inability of social partners to reach a consensus over minimum wages, the mechanism changed into a standardized legislative procedure. Minimum wage setting is still subject to tripartite social dialogue, but tripartite proposals lack legal enforcement.

Which are the components of minimum wage in Slovakia?

There is only fixed component of minimum wage.

How frequently is the fixed component of minimum wage updated?

The fixed component of minimum wage is updated annually.

What is/are the yardstick/s on which minimum wage upratings are based?

Minimum wage is determined by taking into account the needs of workers and their families (subsistence level), cost of living (consumer prices), level of wages and incomes in the country (average wages), economic development (socio economic situation) and level of employment for the last two years.

What is National Poverty line?

Click here to know the national poverty line in context with Minimum Wage, living wages and actual wages. Select the currency (Euro or national currency) to know national poverty line.

How is minimum wages compliance regulated?

Inspections could be performed by the Ministry of Labour, Social and Family Affairs , the National Labour Inspectorate and the local labour inspectorates. An employee may contact a local labour inspectorate if its labour rights have been violated.

Which legal sanctions can be applied in compliance is lacking?

If a Labour Inspectorate reveals a violation of the Labour Code, the employer is ordered to eliminate the deficiencies and the Inspectorate could impose a fine (up to 100 thousand Euros).

Are sanctions often being applied?

Sanctions are applied often contingent on the disclosure of the labour law violation.

To whom/Where can individuals complain, if they think they are earning less than minimum wage?

An employee may contact a local labour inspectorate and may approach trade unions, they would report the case to the labour inspectorate on her behalf. Trade unions themselves are not entitled to lead an inspection.

Which month of the year is minimum wage rate revised in Slovakia?

The minimum wage rate is revised in January of every month.