Namibia revises it Minimum Wages - August 10, 2013

In absence of meetings of the Namibia Agricultural Labour Forum (NALF) for the past few years the Agricultural Employers Association (AEA) executive felt it necessary to look proactively at an adjustment of the official minimum wage, still at N$ 2.87/ hour for farm workers, which is in place since 2009.

Minimum wage which was at N$ 2.87 per hour, has now been increased to N$ 3.44 per hour (Fulltime employment: N$ 670 per month Food Allowance : N$ 345 per month). 

Considering agricultural commodity prices, the Consumer Price Index and the latest AEA wage survey of 2012 we herewith want to inform our members and the public at large that a guide minimum cash wage of N$ 3.44/ hour ( +20%), at full employment N$ 670/ month, was accepted as well as a new value for the food allowance at N$ 345/ month, up with N$45.

The NNFU, representing the communal farmers and the Ministry of Labour have already been informed about this voluntary adjustment.