Minimum Wage in Honduras: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a separate legislation relating to minimum wages in Honduras?

The minimum wage law (Decree No. 103 of 1971). Honduras Constitution, article 128. The minimum wage law (Decree No. 103 of 1971) is essentially intended to determine the procedures for the application of the Minimum Wage and the bodies responsible for setting, monitoring, control and compliance. Honduras stated in its Constitution that all workers have the right to earn a minimum wage (art. 128).

Do one or more minimum wages exist that is/are determined by law?

Minimum Wage Law (Decree No. 103 of 1971). For fixing or revising minimum wages at any economic activity, designate a Minimum Wage Commission, which shall consist of three members representing the employers 'interest, three members representing the workers' interest and three members representing the public interest, and their alternates. The Commissions recommend those classifications deemed reasonable within the respective industry, according to the nature of the services provided, and the different kinds of work or occupations. Commissions may recommend setting different minimum wages for each economic zone and region, when he considers advisable, because of the different conditions and activity type.

At what level is minimum wage rate determined?

Minimum wages are determined based on the number of employees of a company (From 1 to 10, 11 to 50, 51 to 150 and from 151 onwards) and the activities of the same.

On what basis is minimum wage calculated?

For the 13 industry groups set the minimum wage per month, per day (regular 8 working hours) and hourly.

In case of weekly/monthly minimum age, are they based on any fixed number of hours?

The normal working day may not exceed eight (8) hours per day and forty-four (44) per week, equivalent to forty-eight (48) of salary.

Are governmental bodies, employer and/or trade union representatives involved in minimum wages setting?

For fixing or revising minimum wages in any economic activity, is designated a Minimum Wage Commission, which consists of three members representing the employers 'interest, three members representing the workers' interest and three members representatives of public interest.

How are upratings (adjustments) of minimum wage/S decided upon?

The National Minimum Wage Commission is recommending allocation to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security each year fixing wages in the various departments, regions and areas of the country, to every intellectual, industrial, agricultural, or commercial livestock. Then, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, set by Executive Decree governing minimum wages for one (1) year for each activity.

Which are the components of minimum wage in Honduras?

Minimum wages in Honduras has fixed component. The minimum wage law states that the minimum wage is indispensable therefore cannot be paid salaries or wages below those fixed under this Act or be diminished by individual or collective contracts or any other agreement.

How frequently is the fixed component of minimum wage updated?

The minimum wage is reviewed annually (before thirty (30) April each year) and is periodically fixed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare on the basis of the opinions submitted by the National Minimum Wage Commission.

What is/are the yardstick/s on which minimum wage upratings are based?

The update of the minimum wage takes into account the normal requirements of a home, in the material and cultural basis of the modalities of each job, the special conditions of each region and each work, the cost of living, the relative fitness of employees and remuneration systems of enterprises, according to the Constitution (art. 128).

What is National Poverty line?

Click here to know the national poverty line in context with Minimum Wage, living wages and actual wages. Select the currency (Euro or national currency) to know national poverty line.

What is the incidence of minimum wages(s) in the national labour force (wage earners only)?

According to the latest EHPM, incomes 60% of Honduran households are below the poverty line, which arises from the cost of a basic food basket.

How is minimum wages compliance regulated?

In Honduras the art.138 of the Constitution mandates the State to monitor, inspect and penalize companies do not comply with labour laws, which carried out through the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (art.591.5 Labour Code) and this in turn, by the Inspectorate General Inspectorate deTrabajo (art.610 Ibid), inspectors of Occupational Safety and Health of the Department of Social Welfare (art.1 Decree No.39 of May 10 1982) and the minimum wage inspectors of the Directorate General of wages (Art. 41 minimum Wage Act).

Which legal sanctions can be applied in compliance is lacking?

If inspections on minimum wages if the offense is for violating the agreement to fix the minimum wage is for the General Labour Inspectorate to impose a fine (Art.40 Minimum Wage Act).

Are sanctions often being applied?

If inspectors of the General Inspectorate for Labour, Occupational Safety and Health General Directorate of Social Welfare or the minimum wage General Wages are a violation, the penalties are applied.

To whom/Where can individuals complain, if they think they are earning less than minimum wage?

If an individual earns less than the minimum wage, you can report it to the inspectors of the General Wages Supervision.