Switzerland -Public service union backs minimum wage initiative -January 25, 2012

The VPÖD-SSP public services union has leant its support to the initiative by the SGB/USS confederation to submit a petition with 110,000 signatures to the government and regions (cantons) to introduce a national minimum wage. The target wage is 22 CHF (€18) an hour (or 4,000 CHF (€3300) per month based on a 42-hour week). An estimated 400,000 workers currently earn less than this and three quarters of them are women. Unions in the public sector have already secured 4,000 CHF as a minimum wage, although this is under threat from privatisation. Only action by VPÖD-SSP ensured that the minimum would be applied following privatisation of cleaning in Geneva where the employers had wanted to introduce a minimum of only 17 CHF (€14) an hour.

English: http://www.epsu.org/cob/456

German: http://www.vpod.ch/aktuell/nachrichten/ansicht ...  

French: http://www.ssp-vpod.ch/actualites/nouvelles/ansicht ... 

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