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Project title

With innovative tools for bargaining support in the commerce sector (BARCOM) 

Funded by

European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, VP/2015/004

Duration 15th March 2016 - 15th March 2018
Goal of the project

Improve expertise in industrial relations in the commerce sector by the innovative approach of analyzing the content of European collective agreements and relating the results to the sectoral bargaining systems, resulting in 3 widely available publications, and 28 WageIndicator websites with access to national Collective Agreements, full text and annotated/coded.

Countries in Action

28 EU-member states, 6.2 million enterprises in the commercial sector, employing 36.2 million 

Lead Partner

University of Amsterdam/AIAS - Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies

Key actors of the project

  • Research Professor Kea Tijdens, AIAS;
  • Professor Martin Kahanec, Department of Labour and Social Development,  EUBA;
  • Marta Kahancova, managing director, CELSI;
  • Paulien Osse, WageIndicator Foundation, director/ projectleader on behalf of AIAS
  • Central European Labour Studies Institute (CELSI), Bratislava
  • University of Economics in Bratislava (EUBA), Bratislava
  • EuroCommerce – The Retail, Wholesale and International Trade Representation to the EU, Brussels
  • UNI Europa – Uni Global Union, Brussels
Associate Partner
  • WageIndicator Foundation, Amsterdam
Time line
  • April 2016 - start
  • June 2016 - first wave of Collective Agreements shared - (focus: sector agreements and company agreements (multinationals) please send to
  • August 2016 - second wave of Collective Agreements shared - (focus: sector agreements and company agreements (multinationals)  please send to
  • October 2016 - third wave of Collective Agreements shared - (focus: sector agreements and company agreements (multinationals) please send to
  • March 2017 - research topics final - last check on Collective Agreements
  • February 28 2018 - conference - presentation of outcome 

Kick-off meetings

March 29 2016 - Kick-off meeting with research partners - Amsterdam

June 15 2016 - Kick-off meeting with social partners - Amsterdam

Presentations with updates at Social Dialogue meetings

June 6 2016 - Presentation at the Social Dialogue meeting - Brussels

October 28 2016 - Presentation at the Social Dialogue meeting - Brussels

October 11 2017 - Presentation at the Social Dialogue meeting - Brussels

February 27 2018 - Presentation at the Social Dialogue meeting - Brussels

Mid-term meeting

March 30 2017 - Agenda

  • Presentation about Collecting and Coding Collective Agreements – Daniela Ceccon –(BARCOM/WageIndicator / AIAS – database manager)  
  • Adventures in collecting Collective Agreements – Who   owns what? Paulien Osse (BARCOM/WageIndicator/AIAS - project manager)
  • Overview of bargaining systems in the commerce sector across the EU – Marta Kahancova / Maria Sedlakova (BARCOM/Celsi, researchers)
  • Overview of multi and single employer bargaining  in Europe by Maarten van Klaveren (researcher AIAS) - Maarten van Klaveren 
  • Monitoring Collective Bargaining in the UK - How is the LRD data base working? Lewis Emery (Wages and Conditions researcher,LRD)
  • Insight in the Dutch Collective Agreement database, Katinka van den Akker (FNV)
  • Topics for research

Final meeting Registration form: Understanding Collective Agreements in the Commerce Sector -BARCOM meeting,  Brussels, Wed. 28 February 2018 - Final Agenda BARCOM Conference February 28 - 1018
Final reports coming soon
One-Pagers per country - English and national language Collective bargaining in the Commerce for 28 Countries in Europe in English and national Languages
Presentations at final Conference - February 28, 2018 See for now the agenda plus draft presentations
Website - Collective Agreement Database 
Leaflet Barcom Leaflet - Coding Collective Agreements
Leaflet - WageIndicator Leaflet WageIndicator database in national languages
Leaflet Collective Agreement database Leaflet Collective Agreement database in national languages

Collective Agreement Database focus Hungary - watch video presentation in English

Collective Agreement Database focus Hungary - download presentation in Hungarian

Collective Agreement Database: The standard selection in of topics covered is
  • General Collective Agreements-data,
  • Gender,
  • Job titles,
  • Social Security & Pensions,
  • Training, Employment Contracts,
  • Sickness & Disability,
  • Health and Safety & Medical Assistance,
  • Work and Family Arrangements,
  • Wages,
  • Working Hours and Schedules, Paid Leaves And Paid Holidays,
  • Coverage.


National WageIndicator websites with a Collective Agreement Database Austria
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Czech Republic
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Collective Agreement Database

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Collective Agreement Database (German)

Collective Agreement Database

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United Kingdom
Collective Agreement Database 

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