Complete the Salary Survey and compete for the prize of the minimum wage in the country where you work!

Compete for the weekly/monthly minimum wage of the country in which you work. Complete and submit the Salary Survey, together with you email address. Winners will not become rich, but at least you now know what it means to be dependent on the minimum wage in your country. Check the list below. 

PRIZE - WageIndicator Survey PRIZE - WageIndicator Survey
Country minwage - monthly EUR weekly in EURO (if monthly is
> 350 euro)
Angola 68
Azerbaijan 90
Argentina 137
Armenia 84
Australia 482
Austria 300
Bangladesh 13
Belarus 130
Belgium 345
Benin 48
Botswana 40
Brazil 283
Bulgaria 158
Burundi 0
Cambodia 49
Cameroun 0
Canada 329
Chile 325
China 155
Colombia 247
Congo 0
Costa Rica 86
Croatia 92
Cyprus 0
Czech Republic 308
Denmark 580
Egypt 86
El Salvador 68
Estonia 320
Ethiopia 0
Finland 420
France 329
Georgia 41
Germany 340
Ghana 47
Greece 157
Guatemala 188
Guinea 29
Honduras 154
Hungary 332
India 43
Indonesia 68
Ireland 336
Italy 245
Kazakhstan 94
Kenya 43
Kyrgyzstan 13
Latvia 284
Lithuania 289
Luxembourg 432
Madagascar 23
Malawi 16
Malta 161
Mexico 91
Moldova 56
Montenegro 186
Mozambique 88
Namibia 163
Nicaragua 82
Niger 46
Pakistan 80
Paraguay 296
Peru 214
Poland 91
Portugal 130
Romania 179
Russia 127
Rwanda 62
Slovakia 352
Slovenia 180
South Africa 244
South Korea 130
Spain 173
Sri Lanka 38
Sudan 89
Sweden 527
Tanzania 19
Turkey 94
Uganda 47
Ukraine 112
United Kingdom 274
United States 221
Uzbekistan 28
Vietnam 67
Zambia 101
Zimbabwe 94

Rules of the game

Published in English on . The WageIndicator Foundation declares that it adheres to the code of conduct for lotteries issued by the Dutch Ministry of Justice on January 1rst 2006. Therefore Dutch law is applicable, including regulations regarding lottery tax.

How to participate

Anyone who wants to enter the prize draw for a minimum wage once each calendar year must complete and submit the salary survey with their email address before the end of the current calendar year. Multiple entries are excluded from the competition.

Employees of WageIndicator or partner organisations, members of national WageIndicator teams , their close relatives and friends are not allowed to compete, as well as minors under 16.

The prize

WageIndicator Foundation puts up the prize of a minimum (monthly/weekly) wage for each country where the system is online.

  • Payment of the prize money takes place in January each year; WageIndicator Foundation takes care of the transfer costs to countries where the prize is less than € 350, in countries within Europe transfer costs are split even.
  • Not all countries are equal, where the minimum wages are relatively high, as in most EU-member states, the prize is a minimum weekly wages. That's a fair deal. The list below indicates in which countries the monthly OR weekly minimum wages currently apply. If a minimum wage per month is more then € 350, the winner of the country will get a minimum wage of a week. 
  • The minimum wages given are updated every calendar year on January 1rst and are the latest. Should you nevertheless find fault with any of them, please notify by giving the source of your alternative figure so that a proper assessment may be made. Such suggestions should reach the WageIndicator Foundation ultimately till December 1rst 2015.

The draw and proclamation of winners

The next draw by notary will take place on January 2, 2016. The winners will be notified by email. Their names will be made public on their national WageIndicator website with their consent.

If a winner cannot be contacted within a reasonable span of time, the notary reserves the right to draw a new winner.

The draw is final and therefore not subject to claims or correspondence disputing the outcome.

Some sources for minimum wages information