What is in place to make it happen?

The operation started from scratch10 years ago. Today, state of the art internet-based production lines are in place - both up front and behind the screens. Constituting elements are:

  • national look-alike websites in 60 countries 
  • 100 people in national and/or regional teams keeping afloat and updating their websites
  • a well developed web-marketing strategy and cooperation with many players in the Internet, for attracting large numbers of visitors
  • relationships with (inter)national enterprises in the media and the world of Internet
  • a Content Management System, making it easy for national teams to maintain their national websites, as well as regular technical updates, tools, pictures and checks for web use
  • an operation for calculating national Salary Checks regularly
  • a Questionnaire Management System with a master questionnaire from which national versions may be derived, capable of creating code books, paper and offline surveys, and flexible options to include additional questions per country for specific purposes
  • a coded, international list of 1,700 occupations for cross-country comparisons
  • calculation of purchase power parities for meaningful international comparison of wages
  • Questionnaire and Content Management Systems coping with all scripts
  • data-management for cleaning and handling huge datasets with quarterly releases
  • an international support team
  • the core of a functioning, dedicated global network.

No need to underline that all infrastructure, tools and practices are subject to regular review and upgrading, in keeping with the latest technological developments. That has been done over the past 10 years. It will be part of the ongoing concern during the implementation of the program outlined here.

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