Special Partnerships


  • ALREI.org is the official website of the Labour, Research and Education Institute , in Lome. The Institute is part of ITUC Africa. WageIndicator shares its African data bases for Collective Agreements, Labour Law, Minimum Wages with ALREI in this website.

Global Labor Organization

The Global Labor Organization (GLO) and WageIndicator proudly present and urgently ask you to join the GLO. "The world faces a rising controversy about the benefits of globalization and international collaborations. To deal with these challenges, the Global Labor Organization has been created." Learn more about the collaboration between WageIndicator and the GLO.

The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS)

The Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS) is an institute for multidisciplinary research and teaching at the University of Amsterdam. Founded in 1998, it brings together the University’s expertise in labour studies from the Faculties of Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Economics and Business, and Medicine. Kea Tijdens, research coordinator at AIAS, and Paulien Osse, Director of the Foundation are the two initiators Kea Tijdens is responsible for the collection and distribution of the Indicator data. The supervisory board consists of AIAS, Dutch Trade Union Confederation FNVAIAS among others has founded the Dutch wageindicator (Loonwijzer) Foundation. Maarten Keune and Paul de Beer are chair of the foundation’s Supervisory Board. The Foundation is the breeding ground for the worldwide spread which makes the WageIndicator the largest non-profit collector of internationally comparative and very recent wage data.