Web technique

All WageIndicators are built with different types of technique, based on open source.

The WageIndicator ioperation is backed by several systems for serving content, providing CMS services, running the questionnaires and Salary Checks, and handling the data. Almost all of the software used is open source, and published under OSI approved license.

The web content is handled by our innovative product, built on the open source system Plone. This state of the art Content Management System and portal product provides a stable base for all Wageindicator sites, that receive thousands of visitors daily.
The handling of questionnaires, Salary Checks and other applications is performed by Socrates QE. Socrates is a Java implementation of the concepts of XForms, the latest and greatest open standard for electronic forms. Socrates is able to serve our questionnaires from a clustered, load-balanced setup with Tomcat and Apache, and serves approximately 70 different questionnaires and checks.

To enable a web interface to build questionnaires the WageIndicator technical team has developed the Questionnaire Management System, or QMS, also Plone based. This gives the worldwide WageIndicator teams the means for creating translations for questions, checking routes through questionnaires, etc.

Socrates, QMS, and the Wageindicator portal product have been built, and are maintained by WageIndicator company Wyldebeast & Wunderliebe.