Research lab

Find out more about WageIndicator research methods and data.

The research lab presents an introduction to the research undertaken with the data of the WageIndicator web-survey. The pages here explain the principles of the survey and the related search trees. 

For detailed information about the survey, please see the WageIndicator survey and data page and the codebook

For the Stylized WageIndicator questionnaire (pdf) and for all surveys, please see the links to WageIndicator Salary Surveys

WageIndicator also conducts interviews in a number of oucntries, see Offline paper salary surveys for more information. 

The databases underlying the survey are explained in Trade Union Search Trees, Education Search Trees, Ethnic Group and Language Search Trees and Region Search Trees

For publications using the dataset, please see publication pages. For acquiring the dataset, please read the data access page. 

For update notes of the WageIndicator dataset, see WageIndicator Data Update Notes.

WageIndicator can include survey questions on request. For this purpose it has project pages in almost all national WageIndicator web-surveys. 

For more information, contact Kea Tijdens or Paulien Osse.