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Data policy
WAGEINDICATOR_datapolicy (pdf, 780 kB)
060605-WAGEINDICATOR_datapolicy_2-pag_summary (pdf, 104 kB)

National questionnaires 2008/2009 will be uploaded in August 2010. Before that date, please send an email if you need more insight in a code book of a specific country.

National questionniares
20061016-BE_codeboek (xls, 304 kB)
20061016-da-dk_codeboek (xls, 232 kB)
20061016-de-de_codeboek (xls, 140 kB)
20061016-en-gb_codeboek (xls, 144 kB)
20061016-en-in_codeboek (xls, 384 kB)
20061016-en-us_codeboek_rev_kea (xls, 120 kB)
20061016-en-us_codeboek (xls, 116 kB)
20061016-en-za_codeboek (xls, 156 kB)
20061016-es-ar_codeboek (xls, 128 kB)
20061016-es-es_codeboek (xls, 220 kB)
20061016-es-mx_codeboek (xls, 204 kB)
20061016-fi-fi_codeboek (xls, 148 kB)
20061016-fr-be_codeboek (xls, 244 kB)
20061016-hu-hu_codeboek (xls, 200 kB)
20061016-it-it_codeboek (xls, 280 kB)
20061016-ko-kr_codeboek (xls, 284 kB)
20061016-nl-nl_codeboek (xls, 416 kB)
20061016-pl-pl_codeboek (xls, 176 kB)
20061016-pt-br_codeboek (xls, 152 kB)

Category questionnaires
HUNGARY_survey_experiences_2006 (pdf, 140 kB)
HUNGARY-paper_questionnaire 2006 (pdf, 200 kB)

Stylized questionnaire
The-Stylized-WageIndicator-Questionnaire-2010-08-19 (pdf, 326 kB)

Variables in the data

Search trees
Collective agreements Belgium French (xls, 77 kB), Belgium Dutch (xls, 77 kB)
Countries (xls, 173 kB)
Ethnic Background (pdf, 21 kB)
Languages spoken at home (pdf, 82 kB)
Region (xls, 364 kB)
Trade Unions (xls, 146 kB)

Related publication:
Classifications and the choosertechnique used in the WageIndicator questionnaire, WOLIWEB 2005 D17a (1-3-2005) (pdf, 143 kB)