Job Satisfaction in India

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Varkkey Biju, Korde Rupa (2013) Job Satisfaction in India, Paycheck India Survey 2009-2012. Netherlands, India: WageIndicator Data Report, November 2013. (EN)


The paper assess the factors that affect satisfaction within a workplace. Four broad aspects that affect job satisfaction have been analyzed: Job-related factors, Payment factors, Relationship factors, Time factors and Family. The paper also analyses external factors that might equally impact satisfaction with job. This paper uses data gathered by Paycheck India through an online questionnaire over a period of four years (2009-12).These factors include age, gender, marital status and whether the employee has children or expects to have children in the future. The paper also builds a profile of Indian Employee who is satisfied with job and compares it with a dissatisfied employee at work.


Performance at a workplace can often be directly linked to satisfaction with job. It is well known fact that the more satisfied an employee feels, greater will be his productivity. Thus, factors affecting satisfaction with job are of prime importance.