Satisfaction with life in general

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Borbély, S. (2011) Satisfaction with life in general. According to the Hungarian BerBarométer/WageIndicator database. Budapest, Hungary: Marmol Research Budapest (EN)



SZGTI (Trade Union Institute of Economic and Social Research, Hungary) within its BérBarométer project (EQUAL H005) based on the WageIndicator system gathers since 2006 the on-line data on labour market, employment ( The on-line questionnaire asks also about the satisfaction with the life in general. People filling the questionnaire could evaluate their satisfaction with life in a scale from 1 to 10, where the score 1 means that the answerer is not at all satisfied, meanwhile the score 10 means that he or she is totally satisfied with the life. So, we can consider (mostly) satisfied with the life those who vote with score from 6 to 10, meanwhile those who give score from 1 to 5 can be considered not or less satisfied with their life. The questionnaire in the five years has been filled by 2250 women and 1870 men.