Pay and working conditions of employees in the health care sector

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Bispinck, R., Dribbusch, H., Öz, F. Stoll, E. (2012) Einkommens- und Arbeitsbedingungen in Pflegeberufen. Eine Analyse auf Basis der WSI-Lohnspiegel-Datenbank. Dusseldorf, WSI-Lohnspiegel-Arbeitspapier 07/2012 (DE) [Pay and conditions of employees in the care- and health-sector]



3,552 employees in the nursing profession have filled out their income conditions on the website in the online questionnaire. These data give a detailed picture of the salaries paid in this profession. The respondents have different working hours in a week. To calculate comparable monthly earnings, the earnings data are first standardized to the hourly wage. The monthly income is calculated in the second step on the basis of 38 hours per week.