Young women in service sector occupations

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Tijdens K.G., Van Klaveren M. (2011)  Young women in service sector occupations. Bookkeepers, call centre operators, receptionists, housekeepers, IT-programmers, sales persons, secretaries, travel agency clerks. Amsterdam, Netherlands: WageIndicator Data Report June 2011. (EN)



The DECISIONS FOR LIFE project targeted women aged 15-30 in eight large occupational groups in the service sector. These occupations are: bookkeepers, call centre operators, receptionists in hotels, housekeepers in hotels, IT-programmers, sales persons/cashiers in retail, secretaries, and travel agency intermediaries.

This report gives insight in the socio-demographic characteristics of the target group, such as household composition, presence of partner and children, age and education. It describes the wages earned per occupation and per country. Finally, it explores the working hours in the eight occupations, focusing on the length of the working week, as well as on shift and evening work and on working Saturdays and Sundays.

The data used stem from the WageIndicator survey, which is a multi-country, continuous survey, posted at the national WageIndicator websites in these countries. The survey data cover the period between January 2008 and April 2011.The selection regards women aged 15-30 in the eight service sector occupations in seven Decisions for Life countries. These countries are Belarus, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, South Africa, and Ukraine.