Minimum Wage non compliance in Indonesia

Research reports on Indonesia’s Minimum Wage non compliance based on WageIndicator offline survey in 7 provinces throughout Indonesia. Non-compliance Minimum Wage was analyzed both regionally and per occupation.

Download PDF:
Perinelli,B., Beker,V.A. (2011). Minimum Wage non compliance in Indonesia. Monthly Wage Indicator Report - Indonesia March 2011. Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Wage Indicator Foundation

WageIndicator conducted an offline survey and research based on 947 respondents throughout 7 provinces in Indonesia. The main highlight of the studies is 20% of respondents received below Minimum wage. Biggest factor is because low level of education and lack of skills. The respondents are 20 – 40 years old who work in the trade, transport and hospitality industry.

For more detail information on Minimum wage graph and table per region and occupation, you can download the WageIndicator Gajimu full research report.