Sectoral wage differentials:Four countries compared

Earlier research we, jointly with others, carried out revealed that across sectors the retail and hotel and catering sectors in various European countries consistently showed up with the lowest average or median hourly wages. This was the case in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, and other EU member states. However, across countries there was more variation concerning the sectors with the highest wages. These outcomes were based on figures from 2002 ro 2006. Building on this evidence, we now try to answer some questions based on WageIndicator data as of 2009. Does the rather fixed ranking of sectors according to wage still exist? And if so, does this ranking also exist outside Europe?

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Van Klaveren, M., Tijdens, K. (2010). Sectoral wage differentials:Four countries compared. Amsterdam: WageIndicator, University of Amsterdam / Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies (AIAS). (PDF, 132 kB)